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Hybrid Event Equipment Checklist

To increase the level of the hybrid event experience of the attendees, suitable technology tools should be prepared before the event. Here is the checklist! 1. Stable WiFi A stable WiFi is really crucial for a hybrid event because the process of the hybrid event will be broadcast to the virtual attendees at the same […]

Factors that You Need to Concern in Hybrid Events

As recently hybrid event are more common and there are always minimal mistakes that the event organizer always has. Let’s read through the point below to avoid the mistakes next time. 1) Well-planning for Content Preparation Content is very important in your hybrid event. Because when you are hosting a hybrid event, you will be […]

Benefit of Hybrid Event

Recently, more and more organizers hold hybrid events, which allow the attendees to participate in the event physically at the location or from remote. This allows the organizers to stay connected and run their business operations smoothly, preventing any sudden circumstances due to covid situation. Here are some benefits of hybrid events, check it out […]