1. The above quoted price is a package price for project development & professional services. Items not listed above but requested by customers will be charged additionally.
  2. Venue rental and event agency services are not included in this quotation
  3. All equipment items quoted are on rental basis.
  4. Transportation, set up, operation, dismantling & technicians support are included in the quotation.
  5. Moderator of live Q&A, if applicable, will not be provided as part of the service.
  6. Additional fee may apply to customisation changes and/or new features. Final charges based on the number of man-day work required.
  7. This Quotation is only valid within fifteen (15) days from the issuance date. After such a period EVENTION reserved the right to change the quotation with respect to any variation of labour and material costs.
  8. Under the circumstance that the customer delayed the delivery of agreed materials and/or venue to EVENTION for completing the quoted work, the targeted completion date is expected to be postponed. EVENTION shall not be liable for any loss or damages resulting from such delay.
  9. Any official complaints or claims should be forwarded to EVENTION in writing within one month after the Job is completed. The amount of claim, if any, should not exceed the Price in any circumstances .


2.1  Cancellation of order

  1. The client shall be responsible for 100% of the service charges if the event is finally cancelled as certain production costs have been incurred.

2.2  Postponement of Event on Virtual platform, Webinar and Production service

  1. Event postponement must inform EVENTION 30 working days (Inclusive) prior to the event date. EVENTION allows postponement up to 3 months from the original event date without additional charge.
  2. Charges for first postponement email shall be waived.
  3. Additional charges may apply to customisation changes and/or new features. Final charge will be based on the number of man-day work required.
  4. Project services are expected to complete within the service period stated in the quotation. Any extension shall be raised in writing and must be mutually agreed by the client, EVENTION as well as other service providers, if any.


3.1  Content Provided by Client

  1. All content should be provided by the Client. Client shall be solely responsible for the content’s accuracy, suitability and quality, etc. Clients shall indemnify EVENTION against all proceedings, costs, damages, expenses, claims, demands and liabilities arising in any manner whatsoever as a consequence of publishing the provided content under this quotation.
  2. Client is deemed to consent and accept all content published in the final output after written approval is signed.
  3. Up to THREE times content revision is allowed and must be finalized ONE week before the event. EVENTION reserved the right to reject any change request if it is considered risky to the event’s quality.

3.2  Email & Form Development

  1. All forms provided by EVENTION are in standard format. Additional charges will apply if there are any special requirements.
  2. Email domain will be by default “@mail.eventionmail.com”
  3. HTML domain will be by default “bo.eventionapp.com”,  “rsvp.eventionapp.com” or “virtual.eventionapp.com” .


4.1  Working Crew & Service Hour

  1. Working space for technical and operational facilities will be provided by the client. The clients must settle the electricity fee, if any, with the venue directly.
  2. Meals for on-site crews will be provided by the client.
  3. Price quoted includes only scheduled set-up on the first event day and dismantle on the last event day. Additional charge will apply to services such as for pre-event setup, re-setup, early morning setup, late evening setup and overnight setup.
  4. All crew members will be on a maximum 9 hour shift. Overtime charges might apply.

4.2  Insurance

  1. Public Liability Insurance should be purchased by clients directly.
  2. All EVENTION rental equipment for projects are temporarily installed on the site. Clients must provide sufficient security measures to protect the equipment . Customers will be responsible for all compensation if they were stolen from their managed properties.

4.3  Replay Video Service

  1. Video editing is not included.
  2. Video playback will be deployed to EVENTION portal within the agreed time frame. Actual time needed to complete the deployment may depend on the internet speed.

4.4  Virtual Platform Service

  1. EVENTION will provide standard layout only for the Platform (one language option).
  2. Live Q&A will be managed by clients and their own moderator.
  3. Simultaneous interpretation service is not included.
  4. Platform layout follow the design provided, Design service and Dial in system is not included.

5.  Miscellaneous:

  1. Terms and conditions of this agreement may not be modified without the express written consent of authorized personnel from both parties.
  2. Client acknowledges that EVENTION possesses full intellectual property and copyright including but not limited to the software application, user interface design, graphics, content design works, user guide and promotional materials, etc.
  3. This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the law of Hong Kong and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Hong Kong. EVENTION will waive this right only if the client’s company is located outside Hong Kong and submit to the jurisdiction of the courts in which the client’s office is located.
  4. Client is entitled to a non-exclusive right to use the services and documentation on contract basis during the contract term.
  5. The parties agree that no express or implied warranties, representations or inducements have been made by any party except as set forth herein.
Last updated: Oct 2021

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