Terms and Conditions

Evention reserves the right to change or modify these Terms at any time without prior notice and will indicate on this page the date on which the document was last modified. Any changes made to this document will become effective as soon as the revised version is posted on our site. Your use of the service after the publication of the revised version constitutes your acceptance of the Terms. Any changes made to these Terms will be notified by e-mail to those who choose to receive this.


These General Terms & Conditions (“Terms”) are generally applied to Client’s subscription to the software and professional services (“Services”) provided by EventMaster Limited (“Evention”,”EventMaster”, “we”, “our”, “us”). These Terms shall be read in conjunction with any contract entered into between Client and us (“Client’s Contract”) and shall form part of the Client’s Contract.

Terms of Service: Set of rules, composed by this self, our cookie policy, our privacy policy, our local amendments and our general security rules, which any user has to abide in order to use Evention.

Corporation: Legal entity which acquired and purchased an Evention license for a specific subset of services during a specific period of time.

User: You, yourself or any variation of yourself, which includes past, present and future representations at equal or different forms, which will use the Evention service at any given time.

Evention: Platform consisting of a web application located at ‘https://eventionapp.com‘ includes subdomain, an official iOS application named ‘Evention’ and an official Android application named ‘Evention’, as well as all its associated services not mentioned here.

Event Content & Service

Evention grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and use Evention only at the established location of the event whose information was provided at the time of registration. It is important to note that Evention does not provide the hardware for use of the software, but rather the license to use the software. The corporation is responsible for making the payments to get the service in full form and operation.

All content should be provided by the Client. Client shall be solely responsible for the content’s accuracy, suitability and quality, etc. Clients shall indemnify EVENTION against all proceedings, costs, damages, expenses, claims, demands and liabilities arising in any manner whatsoever as a consequence of publishing the provided content under this quotation.

Client is deemed to consent and accept all content published in the final output after written approval is signed. Up to THREE times content revision is allowed and must be finalized ONE week before the event. EVENTION reserved the right to reject any change request if it is considered risky to the event’s quality.

All forms provided by EVENTION are in standard format. Additional charges will apply if there are any special requirements. Email domain will be by default with “*.eventionmail.com” subdomain .

All Fees are exclusive of all taxes, levies or duties applicable under any applicable law, unless stated otherwise stated herein. Client is solely responsible for the payment of such taxes, levies or duties.

The information provided by the corporation to Evention is confidential, and Evention is responsible for keeping it in a safe place. All information is transmitted via secure connection (SSL), using the necessary security standards to avoid access by entities other than those described here.

The platform should not be used to: (i) send spam or messages that in any way violate applicable law; (ii) send or store infringing, obscene, threatening, defamatory, or unlawful material, including material injurious to children or violation of third party privacy rights; (iii) send or store material that contains viruses, worms, trojan horses or other codes, files, scripts, agents or programs that threaten the security of the software and its users; (iv) interfere with or disrupt the integrity or performance of the services or data contained therein; (v) attempt to gain unauthorized access to the services or their related systems or networks; (vi) use the Services to host a single event that exceeds 40% of its subscription size, which is defined by the Order Form.

All activities that occur during the corporation usage must comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the use of these services, particularly regarding data privacy.

In the event of breach of any obligations described in this agreement, the corporation shall hold Evention or any of its officers and employees free from any claims or lawsuits arising out of or in connection with the corporation’s misuse of the software. If Evention is forced to respond to or indemnify any third party because of the corporation, the corporation shall indemnify Evention for any costs, damages, losses, liabilities and expenses (including attorneys’ fees and procedural expenses).

Evention is granted an irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully paid, perpetual, worldwide license with the right to sublicense, use, reproduce, publish, distribute, perform and display statistical information on its use of the platform, such as quantity access, traffic patterns or user activities in aggregate form for third parties, ensuring that such information will not include information capable of identifying the corporation or any of its users.

Evention is granted permanent access to the corporation data when responding to technical problems with the services covered herein by this term of use. In no event shall Evention share, disclose, resell or subtract this data for any purpose other than clearly addressing the problem described by the customer in its appropriate support channel.

Live Production & Live Streaming Event

Working Crew & Service Hour

Working space for technical and operational facilities will be provided by the client. The clients must settle the electricity fee, if any, with the venue directly.

Meals for on-site crews will be provided by the client. Price quoted includes only scheduled set-up on the first event day and dismantle on the last event day. Additional charge will apply to services such as for pre-event setup, re-setup, early morning setup, late evening setup and overnight setup. All crew members will be on a maximum 9 hour shift. Overtime charges might apply.


Public Liability Insurance should be purchased by clients directly. All EVENTION rental equipment for projects are temporarily installed on the site. Clients must provide sufficient security measures to protect the equipment . Customers will be responsible for all compensation if they were stolen from their managed properties.

Replay Video Service

Video editing is not included. Video playback will be deployed to EVENTION portal within the agreed time frame. Actual time needed to complete the deployment may depend on the internet speed.

Virtual Platform Service

EVENTION will provide standard layout only for the Platform (one language option).Live Q&A will be managed by clients and their own moderator. Simultaneous interpretation service is not included. Platform layout follows the design provided, Design service and Dial in system is not included.

Termination, Suspension

Cancellation of order

The client shall be responsible for 100% of the service charges if the event is finally canceled as certain production costs have been incurred.

Postponement of Event on Virtual platform, Webinar and Production service

Event postponement must inform EVENTION 30 working days (Inclusive) prior to the event date. EVENTION allows postponement up to 3 months from the original event date without additional charge.

Charges for first postponement email shall be waived. Additional charges may apply to customisation changes and/or new features. Final charge will be based on the number of man-day work required.

Project services are expected to complete within the service period stated in the quotation. Any extension shall be raised in writing and must be mutually agreed by the client, EVENTION as well as other service providers, if any.

The Rental – Condition, Use, And Support

Condition of the Device:
All of our rental equipment is properly maintained and sanitized before deployment. Upon receiving your rental equipment, you are required to check its condition. If you discover any apparent defects, you must immediately inform us. Failure to report any defects will result in considering the device to be in good working condition.

You are responsible for returning the device in the same good working condition as it was provided at the start of the rental period. In the event of damage or loss, you will be held liable for the full cost of repair or replacement.

Use of the Device:
You must take care of the device(s) and ensure they are kept in good condition. There are no restrictions on how or where you use the device(s), as long as they are returned in the same good working condition and you comply with all applicable laws.

For computing devices, such as iPads and MacBooks, you must sign out of all your internet accounts, including iCloud, iTunes, App Store, Google, Facebook, etc. Additionally, if you have set up any access passwords, you must remove them. Should the devices be password-protected or otherwise inaccessible (e.g., due to jailbreaking), preventing us from erasing or resetting them, such devices will be considered lost, and you will be responsible for the costs of replacement.

For devices with rented SIM cards from us, roaming data is disabled by default. If any roaming data charges are incurred, you will be responsible for the associated costs. If roaming data is required, please consult with us regarding the appropriate roaming data plan.

If the devices suddenly stop working or behave unexpectedly during the rental period, provided it is not due to abnormal use or an accident, you must inform us for a free replacement.

Principle and Calculation:
The Service Period begins from the day the devices leave our premises until the day they are returned to us.

If we are closed for business and unable to accept returns on any day, no additional rental charges will apply for that day.

Extension of Rental:
If you wish to extend the rental period beyond the originally agreed-upon service period, you must contact us by phone or email. We will issue an extension rental agreement and associated invoice, which must be settled before the effective date of the extension rental agreement.

Delivery and Collection Terms:
In most cases, delivery and collection are free of charge if the following conditions are met:

  • The minimum order amount is met.
  • Requests are made during our business hours.
  • The delivery or collection location is within the CBD areas.

If you wish to cancel your order, you must inform us at least 7 days before the service period begins. Please note that there will be no refund of the service fee, but the security deposit will be refunded in full.

You are responsible for the full cost of repair and replacement if there is any damage or lost. We will first deduct the amount from the security deposit. If the amount does not make up the total cost of repair and replacement, we will charge you for the difference. We will not charge for handling the repair and replacement. The cost is solely determined by the authorized repair centre.


Terms and conditions of this agreement may not be modified without the express written consent of authorized personnel from both parties.

Client acknowledges that EVENTION possesses full intellectual property and copyright including but not limited to the software application, user interface design, graphics, content design works, user guide and promotional materials, etc.

This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the law of Hong Kong and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Hong Kong. EVENTION will waive this right only if the client’s company is located outside Hong Kong and submit to the jurisdiction of the courts in which the client’s office is located.

Client is entitled to a non-exclusive right to use the services and documentation on contract basis during the contract term. The parties agree that no express or implied warranties, representations or inducements have been made by any party except as set forth herein.

Evention will not be allowed to transfer and / or transfer to third parties, in whole or in part, the rights or obligations arising from this instrument.

Non-exclusivity is recognized in the provision of these services, so nothing in this agreement shall restrict or limit Evention to provide similar services to third parties.

The services may be subject to limitations, delays and other problems inherent in the use of the Internet and electronic communications, including the use by the corporation and users of programs and applications (such as operating system, browser, server and email organizer, among others) in old versions incompatible with the software, where Evention is not responsible for delays, delivery failures or other damages resulting from such problems beyond its ability to solve.

In no event will Evention’s liability for any obligation related to this agreement exceed the amount paid for the use of the software.

You hereby expressly authorize Evention to disclose and transfer your information stored on Evention servers or third parties authorized to any third party by reason of any corporate restructuring, including, without limitation, merger, acquisition or sale of all or substantially all the assets of Evention. Evention will not be liable to you after any assignment of Evention’s assets to any interested third party.

The present Term, for all purposes, constitutes an extrajudicial executive title, being governed by the clauses and conditions herein agreed, and the provisions of the United States Constitution shall be applied, in a supplementary manner, to the extent applicable.

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