How To Increase Attendees’ Engagement In Hybrid Event

Ways to increase attendee's engagement in hybrid event

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While hybrid events offer many benefits, including increased reach and flexibility, they can also have challenges when it comes to engaging both in-person and virtual attendees. In the following, four ways to increase engagement in hybrid events will be discussed.

  1. Set A Right Expectation
    Setting the right expectations can increase engagement in hybrid events. While you want your in-person attendees to engage in the event, you don’t wish your virtual participants to feel as if they are missing out. Therefore, the event organizer better prepares and clearly communicates the event schedule and format. This allows the in-person and virtual attendees to understand how they plan their time accordingly and know what to expect. Also, providing information about the speakers and the following topics can increase engagement. Because the attendees can prepare the questions and join the discussion meaningfully.

  2. Live Update In Event Mobile App
    After the in-person attendees register for the event mobile app, they can have real-time information so that they can update on time such as event schedule, session change, and speaker information. This allows the attendees to keep informed about the hybrid event.
    In addition, by providing the platform, it can help both in-person and online attendees to keep connected with each other and share their views and ideas in the discussion forum in the mobile app. Gamification also can arrange for the attendees so as to create a sense of competition to increase engagement.

  3. Stream Video During Break Session
    To make it more even engaging, the event organizer can arrange the attendees into the rooms on the event platform and air the movie. This can integrate the event experience and build networking among the attendees. However, remember to make sure the video is short and high quality. Test the Video before the event starts to prevent technical issues happen. The content of the video can be relevant to the event topic. Therefore, there will be common ground for the attendees to chat with
  4. Arrange A Photo Booth To The Attendees
    The attendees can have a memorable experience for themselves by taking photos.
    Select a virtual event platform that supports photo booth features and allows attendees to take photos and share them easily. Remember you can also create custom backdrops that relate to the event theme and make sure the photo booth feature is prominently displayed. After the event, share the photos taken at the photo booth with attendees. This also allows the attendees to launch their photo on social media keeping them engaged even after it is over.

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