Will Virtual Event Outlast the Covid-19?

Will Virtual Event Outlast the Covid-19?

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Many companies will continue with this format (virtual event). In the future, some may find the need to add an in-person event too, but that may be smaller than the large ones they did in the past and include virtual access to broaden their audience of attendees.

While some people may want to go back to the older days of every event being in person, the pandemic has shifted how companies connect with their customers. We are more likely to see fewer in-person events in the future and see virtual events become the norm.

Excerpted to “Will Virtual Events and Conferences Outlast the Pandemic?” written by Tim Bajarin

Article link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/timbajarin/2021/05/20/will-virtual-events-and-conferences-outlast-the-pandemic/?sh=4579c7c10121

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