Top 5 Event Tech Trends in 2021 and Beyond

Top 5 event tech trends in 2021 and beyond

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As we don’t know when the virus will be solved, virtual events and hybrid events will be normal in the event industry. Therefore, it is important for us to be concerned about the industry tech trend as it can help us to close to the industry development. In the following, we will be exploring what is the top 5 event tech trends in 2021 and beyond.    


  1. Safety first

You allow attendees to tell you what is and what isn’t working at your event by collecting event data. This gives you a unique chance to interpret that data to provide even more impactful speakers, assistance, and content engagement.


In thinking about how you’d like to get insights for your event, consider the following:

“How many people registered and attended the event?”

“How many people interacted with X session?”

“What is the post-event engagement percentage for attendees?”

“What are the results on survey X, and what does that tell me about my audience?”


Virtual events present even more opportunities for data collection compared to live events. Think about statistics, reports, and analytics available in real-time.

Thanks to session view times and event engagement, you can access both performance and preferences you can’t find in in-person events.

But is there a wrong way to collect data? Sure, there is. A new PwC report reveals that 84% of consumers will tell you they’d gladly take their business elsewhere if they felt they couldn’t trust a company with their data. And as more and more events move from the physical to the virtual world, attendees are looking to minimize data security risks across all the virtual event platforms they are being asked to use.

Also, make sure that you are also compliant with GDPR, the EU’s data protection law when collecting data. There are a few key parameters you should keep in mind, including being transparent as to how attendee’s data will be used.


  1. Greater guest experience

There are three main ways to improve attendee experience online:

Shorten registration. Program a registration system that allows attendees to register with as few steps as possible.

Personalize communication plan. Acknowledging your audience as individuals can make a significant change in the perception of your event. You can send personalized push notifications, emails, and texts to each attendee, recommending content they might like or find useful for the industry.

Offer a wide range of content. Offer content that includes everything from technology to business to art and self-development. Talk about anything that helps your audience prepare themselves or feel more confident about the future.


  1. Live streaming

You may choose to create live stream events in direct response to the pandemic (as brands such as Google and Facebook have done), or you can provide helpful content tailored to your audience’s related needs at this time.

Streaming has a variety of benefits. You extend your event to users who couldn’t make it, engage international customers, and get the talk going online about your event. Plus, if people see how impactful your event is online now, they’ll be more likely to attend any future in-person versions with enthusiasm.


  1. Translation

The use of live translation (or subtitles) will continue to be utilized throughout 2021 as audiences feel a more substantial need to connect with the outside world during the ongoing pandemic reality. If you can extend your event to attendees that may not speak your native language, you’ll create greater accessibility and international interest.

Some software and services provide live translation feeds via earpieces, headphones, mobile phones, and online access. Otherwise, you can opt for subtitled versions of your video content. The more people you can reach, the more you have a say in running your event.


  1. Sustainable giveaways

Corporate gift-giving is on the rise, as more and more discover the benefits of sending a special something to those they work with on occasion. Choosing the right gift and method of giving is essential. But even more important is choosing to proactively seek out your audience’s preferences and make a friendly gesture in the form of something nice for them to have that reminds them you value their opinion.

Many companies run culture surveys where more and more people state that they would like to work with climate change-conscious counterparts. Choosing a sustainable gift is more important than ever. You can go even further – you can eliminate that carbon print of sending out packages by offering a subscription to a digital platform. This could be an online newspaper, online masterclasses, wellbeing and meditation apps, culinary experiences, and many more.



We found that 4/5 trends related to digital technology. Although “Safety first” is a regular concern point in the digital technical area, it turns more striking as most of the industry toward digital transformation. Therefore, it is the most important trend we need to consider.

About giving a “greater guest experience”, customize registration system will be the best solution for this issue. And more and more event companies provide RSVP management, automated email systems, and so on. It can help to give a better guest experience for the event in the future.    

Moreover, the live streaming mode is extremely growing fast in Hong Kong. Whatever retail shop, online course, online shopping mall, both started to conduct live streaming as a marketing event. So, it is absolutely a big trend for the event industry.

Furthermore, translation technology will be applied in the digital event area too. Cause virtual events are becoming more popular and offline events are difficult to fully recover, online translation technology will be an essential part.

Finally, “sustainable giveaways” as the top 5 trend may relate to the global green issue. If the green issue gets more concerning, e-giveaways may be created. But for the trends of event tech, it has a big potential for development.


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