In the past 2021, EVENTION accomplished nearly 100 tasks with the concerted efforts of every EVENTION colleague. It is worth applauding that we insist on a “Hybrid event” these years to make your business and ideas non-stop even under the pandemic.Keeping abreast of global trends in technology in the digital world, as well as the concept of “Metaverse” in this accelerating world, we have been persistently paving the way for 5G and IoT to build Hong Kong’s smart city.

Evention's 2021 Event Review
8-10 October 2021The 8th Global Chinese Breast Cancer Organisations Alliance Conference

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EVENTION provides an All-In-One Event Service from Registration to the End of the event for the Global Chinese Breast Cancer Organizations Alliance to bring the latest breast health information, knowledge on treatment options as well as the best care and support to all Chinese breast cancer patients.

1-5 December 2021 Hong Kong International Automobile Expo(IMXHK)

Evention did our’s utmost to support the first Hong Kong International Automobile Expo(IMXHK) with resounding success by exhibiting marvelous automobiles from more than 50 top brands around the world. We equipped IMXHK at AsiaWorld-Expo with the Online Ticketing System, the Souvenir Ordering, the Event App Supportingas well as the On-site Helping for Check-In for guests and exhibitors.

Evention's Function

Virtual Business Card

Personalized engine on Evention platform allows users to meet businesses and connect with people who are tailored to their matchmaking requests during profiling or registration by a virtual business card.

answering customer enquiries by mobile phone

Virtual Business Chatroom 

The participants can use the category to choose the different types of participants they hope to connect.

Just need to click the button of chatting, then the private chatroom will be created with the people you chose.

UI of the event app of IMXHK

Custom Apps Development

EVENTION designs software applications for our clients in an organization to fulfill specific business needs. 

Designing and developing your own custom app addresses particular obligations rather than the more conventional and standard software.

online store showing gift items of IMXHK


We set up Online-Shops to allow your audiences or customers to directly buy any goods anytime, such as tickets, souvenirs, and products using a mobile application or a web browser by multiple digital payments gateways like Credit Cards, Alipay, WeChat, FPS, and so on.

We also provide the function of an electronic record of the receipt attached with the QR code and the link of your clients’ purchase.

Evention's Upcoming 2022

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