Hybrid Event Equipment Checklist

hybrid event equipment checklist

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To increase the level of the hybrid event experience of the attendees, suitable technology tools should be prepared before the event. Here is the checklist!

1. Stable WiFi
A stable WiFi is really crucial for a hybrid event because the process of the hybrid event will be broadcast to the virtual attendees at the same time. This also enables smooth communication and connection between virtual attendees and in-person attendees.

2. High-Quality Camera
To ensure there is high-quality video streaming for both sides of attendees, an appropriate camera should be used. A tripod is also suggested to support and stabilize the camera In addition, during the discussion session, it is recommended to take some close-up and pictures. Multiple cameras are needed if the hybrid event size is large.

3. Lighting set-up 
A lighting set-up plays an important role when shooting photos, live-streaming, or recording videos. By brightening the guest speaker, the atmosphere and color effects will be better. This also can increase the concentration of the attendees toward the speaker.

4. Microphone
The environmental factor of the hybrid events varies. Therefore some distractions may occur. The microphone is encouraged to be used to increase the sound quality. So the attendees especially virtual attendees can hear the speaker clearly and won’t be disinterested if the quality of sound is poor. Also, using wireless hand microphones is encouraged because they can also be used by the in-person attendees when they present their opinions or ask questions.

5. Interactive Hybrid Event Platform
To provide the chance to connect the in-person attendees and virtual attendees, a user-friendly hybrid event platform should be adopted. Therefore both sides of the attendees can take some interactive activities such as raising hands or polls in the Q&A sessions.

Except the equipment checklist,you may also want to know the benefits of the hybrid event. Feel free to contact us to suggest a professional solution.

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