5 Practices For Improving Your Hybrid Event

5 Practices For Improving Your Hybrid Event

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The hybrid event certainly can provide benefits that physical events cant offer. Therefore more and more organizers start to hold hybrid events. In the following, here are 5 tips for you to improve the hybrid event to navigate the event easily.

1. Arrange Staff In Both On-site and Virtual Platforms
To make sure your event fit the needs of both your in-person and online attendees, it is recommended that some staff can reserve on the site and some staff in the virtual platform to facilitate the in-person experience and manage online components. In case there are any problems during the event, the staff in charge also can help to solve them.

2. Utilize The Pre-event Promotional Opportunities
It would be great if you can execute your marketing campaign because this can drive registrations and attendance at your event. Holding hybrid event indicate that people all over the world also can join online. Therefore the social media post and invite emails should be timed accordingly so you can reach multiple time zone. In addition, delaying the deadline for registration is a good way to let more potential attendees join.

3. Choose A Right Venue And Platform For Your Hybrid Event
Remember to choose a Venue that has a good Wi-Fi connection, to take care of virtual attendees and in-person attendees. Because this can support the live streaming and encourage more engagement and connection between in-person and online attendees. To choose the right platform, you need to know the purpose of your event. Platforms that can allow attendees to have a network connection with each other and also be able to engage with speakers should be the priority for an event.

4. Keep Engagement After The Event
There are many benefits if the organizers increase engagement with attendees.Posting something new,on-demand content, or some photos on your event social media. This can let your attendees or potential attendees connect with the organizer and sponsors even after the event is over. The most crucial post-event is that you should utilize your event analytics to improve the next event. For example, you can know more about what the attendees like or don’t like. This can allow you to hold a better hybrid event that can cater to the needs and desires of the attendees.

5. Engagement Is The Way To Forge The Connections 
Although hybrid events include both virtual attendees and in-person attendees, please make sure you have kept them engaged so that they can bridge the distance and create a sense of community.Well planning for content prepararion is also important for the engagement.Utilizing more engaging ways such as discussion in break out room, providing more network opportunities, including more live chats session, gamification and so on. These all are great methods that can keep and increase attendee engagement.



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