Evention ​​Tips: In-person vs virtual vs hybrid event | EP.01 – What are they?

Under the covid-19 pandemic, you may wonder which type of events you should use for your company. In the upcoming weeks, we would illustrate the similarities and differences among in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. For this week, let’s take a look at the meanings and examples among them:

EP.01 What are they

In-person event

It refers to the events which are hosted in a venue where all the attendees are physically present, which could be either private or public events. It is a traditional way to host an event, and it is the best way to approach with audience by understanding their facial express and body gestures. For example, expositions, and wedding fairs.


Virtual event

It can also be named an online event because it takes place completely online. They can be a blend of live streamed or prerecorded content for online audiences. People could interact with audience come from all around the world in a virtual environment, rather than a physical location. There are different types of virtual which are tailored to specific goals or purposes of the companies. For examples, webinars, web conferences, webcasts, virtual conferences, virtual product display, and online meetings.


Hybrid event

A hybrid event is an event that uses a combination of aspects from in-person and virtual events. They are fully prearranged events that allow the attendees, remote or on-site, to interact and engage with one another. It is also important for organizers to choose a right event management system to facilitate the events. Depending on the purpose, events like seminars, trade shows, career fairs, and conferences, can be hosted as hybrid events.

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