Event App

Advanced App for Easy Event Management with Our Seamless Solutions!

Premium app for a sophisticated event experience

Tailored Event oriented app to enhance guest’s experience
with interactive features.

Customizable Layout

with Brand theme

Personalized Functions

One-stop platform for
event agendas

Easy Management

User friendly CMS to
manage app contents


a hand is pointing at a mobile phone screen showing different statistical charts

One App for Event Management

Platform for both event organizer and guests to
communicate efficiently

  • Online Event Registration
  • Event Information and Personal Agenda Information
  • Easy Distribution of Documents
  • Live Polling / Q&A
  • E-survey
  • Chat Room for Networking with peers and colleagues
  • Photo Album with Easy Sharing Functionality

Engage, Connect and Entertain

Encourage interactions for better understanding

  • In-app Chatroom for Easy Communication/ Networking
  • Interactive In-app Features to boost User Engagement
  • Capture valuable data for better evaluation
  • Measure ROI in Real-time
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male and female handshake in office

Bridge the Gap Between Organiser
and Guests

Eliminate Communication Gaps

  • Online Distribution of Information for easy sharing among
  • Update Event Details Anytime anywhere with ease
  • Push notifications for Instant engagement



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Event Website

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Table Management

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Camera App

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LED Wall App

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