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5 Steps to Organising a Successful Virtual Event

1. Define the target audience and their goals   An event is nothing without its participants. As such, the very first thing that companies should do is to identify who their target audience is, what interests them, and how they prefer to receive the information. This information will help organisations determine the right medium to present […]

The Opportunity & Evolution of Exhibition Industry Under Covid-19

Is the exhibition and event industry doomed? In 2020, there was a survey reported that a lot of industry practitioners had experienced a 90% drop in their core business. It is estimated that due to the Covid-19 pandemic the whole exhibition and event industry has lost over HK$20 billion in business. Consequently, hundreds of thousands […]

CUHK SMART Fun Day 2021

SMART Fun Day hosted by the Sports Medicine team of the Chinese University of Hong Kong was successfully held on 21 & 22 Aug. The 2-day event attracted more than 1500 participants. Experts, scholars, specialists, and professional athletes were invited to give talks, demonstrations and presentations to promote sports and health. EVENTION had provided end-to-end […]

The Next New Normal: A Guideline of Hybrid Event

Covid-19 has changed the form of global events. As travel and large gatherings are still restricted in many countries, we have seen that event planners use virtual or hybrid models when planning events or include virtual elements when planning future events. In a survey conducted by Qualtrics Research and Zoom, more than half of the […]

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