6 Mistakes to Avoid When Hosting a Virtual Event

Finding innovative and integrated ways to provide value to consumers is how businesses can succeed in attaining and maintaining a prospective client’s valuable attention. Before blindly running off to host your own virtual event, here are tips for you to host successfully:


1. Don’t Leave Everything Until the Last Minute

You need time to get everything in order so that there will be less mistakes in your own virtual event. Besides, there is much to think about when planning a virtual summit. It’s essential for you to give yourself enough wiggle room for anything you might have missed or for any problems that might come up.


2. Don’t Make Sessions Too Long

Not all participants are willing to attend a very long session since they also have their stuff to do. Therefore, if you want participants to stick until the end of a session and be engaged throughout the entire conference, just cap session durations at 20 minutes.


3. Don’t Choose Sponsors That Offer the Same Services

It is crucial to find sponsors that complement each other, instead of competing with each other. Therefore, you should make sure that they offer different kinds of services in order to avoid pitting against each other. If you cooperate with partners that have integrations with your products or services, you may reach out to your targeted audience during the meetings.


4. Don’t Pitch Your Virtual Audience

All participants would like to present their own services during the meetings in order to grab attention. However, it is embarrassing to pitch your attendees in the middle of the session, which is an inappropriate time. To avoid the awkwardness, customer-focused sections should be set up to let them inquire about features in order to allow them to engage with the events.


5. Don’t Forget About the Value of Current Customers

With virtual meetings, it is a good opportunity to reach out to new customers from all around the world. But do not forget the value it would bring from the current customers! It is a perfect channel to engage and attract them by providing the recent companies’ developments and offering them more resources.


6. Don’t Choose The Wrong Virtual Summit Platform

Companies might also make the mistake of choosing wrong event management platforms that don’t fit their needs. From tech training to live support, the platform should be able to fully support your company. For your company’s sake, the platform should allow you to track the performance of events and help you to qualify hot leads. Therefore, before making a decision, organizers should deeply evaluate the pros and cons of one company. 


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